Connect to the world with an Internet Radio

We get a lot of questions about Internet radios in store. We believe that people are still in the dark of the actual potential of Internet Radios. (especially for you those of you that struggle to get signal). Here you will find lots of information about the internet radios we have in store.

Some questions include:

  1. What are their purpose?
  2. How do they work?
  3. Are they worth the cost?

We want to answer these questions for you and explain why an internet radio opens you up to a world of discussions, music and much more.

An internet radio gives you the ability to listen to any radio station in any country around the world, working through the use of either a LAN connection or Wi-Fi. It couldn’t be any easier to connect to a world of talk and music. The possibilities are endless with internet radios and we want to show you what we have on offer in store today!

Roberts Internet Radio | Stream 107

The Stream 107 comes with DAB/DAB+ advanced WiFi internet radio features. WiFi internet radio enables you to access thousands of radio stations from around the world, it also means that you can take your favourite stations abroad with you when you travel as long as you have open access to Wi-Fi networks. Alternatively you can choose to stream your personal music collection directly from your laptop or use Spotify connect**:

  • DAB/DAB+/FM RDS and WiFi internet radio with colour display
  • Spotify Connect compatible music player*
  • MP3/WMA/FLAC/AAC playback via DLNA
  • Play your music collection from your computer
  • 15 Station preset
  • Radio Alarm
  • 6 position equalizer and separate bass and treble
  • Headphone socket

*For Spotify Connect you are required to have a Spotify Premium account

Our top of the range Internet Radio at €179.00

Roberts Stream 104 Smart Radio 

Step into the world of Smart Radio with Stream 104: built-in FM/DAB/DAB+ tuners, wireless connectivity, access to Spotify Connect, plus 20,000+ internet radio stations and podcasts. Listen to your personal music collaboration by streaming direct from your PC/Mac via Music Player. Thanks to the free UNDOK iOS/Adndroid smartphone app, it can be controlled remotely. With batteries, its portable too.

  • 30 radio stations preset
  • Wireless stream from PC/Mac/NAS straight to the Stream 104
  • Mulitple alarms, sleep and snooze timers
  • Smartphone Control

Get yours today for €139.00

Lenco CR-2003 | Internet and FM Radio

Get your favorite stations from anywhere in the world in digital quality with this Lenco internet radio, ideal for foreign radio broadcasts. Or why not listen to local radio on FM with auto-scan.

With a 2.4″ LCD colour screen, use intuitive controls on the radio or the remote control to change settings. Additionally for complete flexibility App control for Android & iOS.

With a 5W stereo speaker this radio has a powerful audio performance. The Lenco CR2003 has the power to fill any room with your favorite music in HiFi quality.

  • Internet and FM radio
  • Easy Controls
  • Powerful Audio Performance
  • Beside Dual Alarm Clock
  • Weather Forecast

Buy in store today for €120.00

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