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Alecto A003352 BC-10 Baby and Toddler Scale

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Accurate baby and toddler scales
In the first 2 years of his or her life, your baby will grow fast. We have therefore developed this scale enabling you to monitor your baby’s growth up to 20 kilos with an accuracy level right up to the last 5 grams! With a wide and solid base, the scale does not slide. The illuminated display is large and easy to read, and the scale is equipped with all kinds of useful functions.

A baby scale must be reliable and accurate but also easy to use. You want to focus on your child and be able to weigh effortlessly. This scale is made to do just that:
• Weighs up to twenty kilograms, accurate to five grams.
• Easy to use thanks to the automatic switch-off (you don't have to think about that), the automatic 0 setting and the large, clear display.
• Reassuring thanks to reliability and high quality; you are sure that your little one is growing healthy!

This scale keeps your little one nice and warm
To weigh your baby properly, the clothes and the nappy must be removed but that is very cold for a new-born baby! Even when your child grows up, it is not ideal to have to weigh naked during the cold months. That is why we have developed the "shawl function" on this baby scale. You measure the weight of the shawl and then set the scale back to 0. This way the cloth is not weighed, and your baby stays nice and warm.
With Alecto you choose a well-thought-out and user-friendly product of the highest quality.

What's in the box?
• Scale
• Battery AA 3x
• Manual with pictures
• Manual NL / EN / DE / FR
• Universal manual

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