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Alecto A003410 BV-71BW Earmuffs for Babies and Toddlers - Blue

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BV-71BW - Hearing protection for your child.
Many children suffer from hearing loss due to hearing damage and unfortunately the number of cases is steadily rising. Various studies have shown that a child's hearing is still developing and therefore less resistant to loud noise. In addition to this, we live in a society where we sometimes must deal with high noise levels, such as fireworks on New Year's Eve or sound installations such as the ones used at festivals, fairs, and other events.

Taking your child to a Festival: take hearing protection with you!
One of the places where children are increasingly exposed to loud noise is at festivals. In recent years the number of organised festivals visited by target groups has increased substantially. Whereas in the past young people populated the festival fields, this is no longer the case. Festivals have become family events attended by all ages, somewhere parents take their young children to enjoy music and culture and to have a fun day out. However, in such cases it is wise to provide your child with good hearing protection.

The Alecto BV-71 hearing protection for children is an excellent choice.
• The hearing protector dampens harmful and loud noise but does not exclude your child from hearing ambient noise (dampens 29dB SNR).
• The BV-71 is light and collapsible and therefore easy to carry (ideal for events and festivals)
• Due to its universal size, this noise protection is already suitable for children from 18 months.
• Comfortable due to the soft headband
• Made in a cool fashionable colour

Alecto: products that make life easier for parents
Alecto is known for products that make life easier for modern young parents. You may know us from our award-winning baby monitors, but our range is much wider than that. The BV-71 hearing protection for children has been developed using our own Research & Development facilities at our head office in The Netherlands. We have carried out extensive tests and you are guaranteed that this is a top product to protect your child's hearing.

By choosing Alecto, you purchase a well thought-out and high-quality, user-friendly product.

What's in the box?
• BV-71 Hearing protector
• Manual NL / FR / DE / EN
• Universal manual

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