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Alecto A004530 BC351 Cuddly Raccoon with Soothing Sounds and Night Light

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The Alecto BC351 is a 3-in-1 plush soft toy that helps your child fall asleep calmly and comfortably. A lovely, soft toy with a night light and soothing sounds.

Key features:
• A Raccoon soft toy
• Built-in night light in its tummy
• Lullabies and calming sounds
• Sound detection that allows lullabies to turn on automatically
• Automatic switch off after 30 min (light) and 15 min (sound)

Night light
The soft toy comes in the shape of a cute raccoon that your child can grab, cuddle, and hold close. Inside its tummy, there is a night light that turns on by pressing on the leg. To save energy, the light turns off automatically after 30 minutes. The night lamp’s colour intensity is adjustable (3 levels + off) by pressing the leg repeatedly.

Calming sounds
This cute soft toy comes with four soothing lullabies and sounds that give your child a pleasant and secure feeling. Think of the sound of light rain or a heartbeat. All lullabies and sounds are activated for 15 minutes, after which they automatically go out. The volume is also easily adjustable (3 levels + off).

Sound sensor
A nice extra of the Alecto BC-351 is its sound sensor. With the sound sensor switched on, the soft toy will automatically play lullabies or sounds for 15 minutes. This helps your child to independently go back to sleep, without any help from mum or dad. The sensor remains active for 3 hours following this, until it switches itself off completely.

The Alecto BC351 works on 3x AA batteries that are easily replaceable. With an added automatic shutdown, the batteries last extra-long. The soft toy is suitable from birth.

The Alecto BC351’s dimensions are 13 in x 9 in x 5 in and suitable for younger and older children, enabling them to use it as a buddy and cuddly soft toy. The BC351 is made of durable material which is also easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth.

What’s in the box?
• BC351 raccoon soft toy / night light
• Manual EN / NL / DE / FR
• Universal manual

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