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BRITA S0762 MAXTRA+ 12 Pack with BRITA Marella Jug for free!

by Brita
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BRITA’s best-selling Marella Jug with 12 BRITA MAXTRA+ refills.

The BRITA Marella is one of BRITA’s best-selling jugs, designed for ease of use and maximising water filtration. The BRITA Memo reminds you to change your water filter every 4 weeks for optimum filtration results and also comes with BRITA PerfectFit, which guarantees that filtration is optimised when using a MAXTRA+ water filter. Comes with a flip top lid so it can be opened with one hand and is dishwasher safe (except for the lid).

The MAXTRA+ Universal filter with unique MicroFlow Technology is BRITA’s most powerful water filtration for soft and hard water areas. Use it for hot and cold drinks. With a 3-part filtration process the BRITA MAXTRA+ filter uses superfine mesh that retains coarse particles coming from pipes, powerful ion xxchange pearls that block limescale and help to protect appliances and reduce metals like lead and copper that might be in old pipes. Lastly, MicroCarbon pearls made from coconut shells lock away chlorine and other odour impairing substances in its millions of pores and deliver a pure and fresh taste.

BRITA Marella Jug:
• Innovative MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology ensures much more powerful water filtration for cold and hot drinks and for cooking
• Easy: Flip top lid – single-handed filling without removing the lid
• 1.4 L filtered water capacity
• 2.4 L total capacity
• Designed to fit in the fridge door
• Electronic BRITA Memo* reminds you to replace your filter cartridge every four weeks
• Dishwasher safe (excluding lid)
• Colour: White

• Cleaner, fresher tasting water
• New and Modern Design
• New BRITA MicroFlow Technology powered by natural coconut shells
• Micro Carbon Pearls lock away taste and odour impairing substances such as chlorine in its millions of pores for great tasting water
• Ion-Exchange Pearls ensure reliable protection from limescale build-up and thus prolong the life of domestic appliances
• Full flavour and great tasting tea and coffee
• Reliably reduces metals like lead and copper
• Ideal for cooking healthy food
• Ecofriendly, economic and convenient at just pence per litre
• Great taste, less waste
• Specially developed for UK and Irish water filter market

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