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Tower T12016 300W Stainless Steel Hand Mixer

by Tower
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Save some elbow grease when in the kitchen with this 300W Hand Mixer. Featuring 6 dedicated speeds, durable stainless steel beaters and dough hooks, this appliance is as practical as it is versatile and is fantastic for stirring, mixing, blending, whipping and whisking. A turbo function is also on hand allowing you to tackle any ingredient with ease. The modern, compact design adapts to any kitchen, any lifestyle and any culinary skill, whilst an auto-lock and a push button release are included ensuring safety and control when the product is in use. From sweet to savoury, the compact appliance takes the effort out of food preparation and injects that sought after effortless, soothing culinary experience, all of which are provided with this essential kitchen item.

Tower Stainless Steel Hand Mixer
Mix, beat, blend, whip and whisk with 6 speed settings, turbo function and a compact lightweight design with an ergonomic handle for ultimate ease and efficiency.

Auto-Lock and Push Button Release
Attaching the stainless steel beaters to the blender has never been easier with auto-lock and push button release functionality, simply push the beaters firmly into the designated slots until it clicks in place and press the eject button for an easy release.

Compact, Lightweight Design
Save yourself from laborious meal preparation tasks as this hand mixer does all of the hard work for you. With a compact, lightweight design and ergonomic handle, ensuring comfort and control, the hand mixer can tackle any task from lighter to heavier mixtures without causing strain. The free-standing, stainless steel design also makes it extremely easy to clean and store.

6 Speed Settings for Easy Professional Results
Mix, beat, blend, whip and whisk without hassle thanks to the 6 speed settings and turbo function, allowing you to tailor your ingredients and preparation exactly how you want it. The 6 settings include a slow stirring option for combining and mixture procedures, a mixing option designed to mix flour and other dry ingredients with liquids and a setting combining heavy mixtures as well as mixing thick dough.

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